This store was established in 2005. Locally owned since 2011. Has  2250 square feet of floor


Located in Downtown Oak  Harbor  on Whidbey  Island

Assume current lease then renegotiate with Lessor.

Willing to train, and work part-time with/for new owner.

Growth Potential for new/additional products.

    Growth potential depends  on  your dreams!


A very supportive Local   Community


-   Very active local Audubon  Extension


-    WSU Extension  Programs are available


An American Dream For Sale
INDEPENDENT Wild Bird Supply and Gift Store
Oak  Harbor, WA, on Beautiful Whidbey Island
                A Rewarding, Meaningful and fun  business
2nd largest hobby in America - over 56 million people & $4 billion spent yearly
Wide selection of products for enjoying birds and
fostering backyard Habitat including Quality Birdseed -
Feeders - Birdbaths - Nesting Boxes - HooHangers - Books - Wind Socks and Spinners - Kites -
Wind Chimes and Local artist items.

This not only allows you the opportunity to live in this
beautiful environment, to educate about caring for it and
the wonderful wildlife we enjoy.
Sale includes complete inventory, fixtures, email list, a
great customer base and good will.

Sale Price is Negotiable.

Whidbey Wild Bird Store
860 SE Pioneer Way #101
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
Peter T. Rivera
Manging Broker
(360) 929-6113
Coldwell Banker 360 Team
415 SE Pioneer Way
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
(360) 675-55915